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    Commitment to Solar – Commitment to You

    Utility costs continue to rise for homes and businesses between 3-6% each year since the 1990s. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer! There’s a free source of energy–the sun–that allows you to take advantage of the best hedge against inflation available today. With the help of 1st Light Energy, an industry leader in solar panel installations, you can lower your utility rates immediately AND lock them in for 20 years!

    Now you can power your home or business with clean renewable energy, drastically reducing your electric bills as well as your impact on the environment. It’s a win-win situation: You protect your finances while helping the environment.

    Over the past ten years, 1st Light Energy has installed thousands of state-of-the-art solar electric systems. We’re committed to building energy-efficient homes and neighborhoods like yours and energy-efficient businesses. But most importantly, we’re committed to you. So, work with us and start saving today with solar energy. Fill out our form or give us a call to receive a free evaluation that will show just how much you can save.


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