About Us

  • 1st Light Energy Inc. was founded in January of 2005 with the vision to provide alternative energy solutions that positively impact our environment with solid financial returns for our customers – both residential and commercial. Through this vision, we have become one of the most experienced solar companies in the Nation. Many of our employees at 1st Light Energy started in the solar industry in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

    Over the years, 1st Light Energy has been a stable and growing California-based nationally branded photovoltaic (PV) systems installer and integrator. We are a complete Renewable Energy Firm that helps residential and corporate customers reduce their electrical energy consumption and carbon footprint through advanced, turn-key solar energy systems. While many solar companies have come and gone, here at 1st Light Energy, we remain servicing each and every customer and taking care of all warranty issues. A solar system is only as good as the company who installed it and so long as that company is in business to maintain it.

    At 1st Light Energy, we feel that we have several unique attributes that set us apart from our competitors:

    • Our strong background in the construction and energy industries allow us to have greater insight as to how the two can be used together in an affordable and aesthetically pleasing way.
    • Our desire and commitment to making renewable energy a legitimate and long term source of clean, pure energy
    • Our relationships with major companies such as SunTech, SunEdison, PSE&G, JCP&L, ACE, and other solar panel manufacturers.
    • Our outstanding customer service models that have allowed us to maintain a 99% customer approval rating
    • We are nationally certified and frequently take continuing education seminars so that we are always on the cutting edge of products and procedures.